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Please read HELP RULES for the most up-to-date information on the rules
for CPK In reference to the "impunity" line that used to appear in
PLAYERINFO for some single-class players, please read HELP RULES part M
Read it carefully.

impunity \im-PYOO-nuh-tee\ noun:
exemption or freedom from punishment, harm, or loss

Example sentence:
The emperor was shocked and dismayed by the rebellion of a people whom he
had so long oppressed with impunity.

Did you know . . . ?

Kings behaving with impunity can be a royal pain--which makes sense
etymologically. "Impunity" (like the words "pain," "penal," and "punish")
traces to the Latin noun "poena," meaning "punishment." The Latin word, in
turn, came from Greek "poine," meaning "payment" or "penalty." Leaders
acting with impunity have prompted use of the word since the 1500s, as in
this 1660 example by Englishman Roger Coke: "This unlimited power of doing
anything with impunity, will only beget a confidence in kings of doing
what they [desire]."-But "impunity"-can be applied to the lowliest of
beings as well as the loftiest: "Certain beetles have learned to detoxify
[willow] leaves in their digestive tract so they can eat them with impunity"-
(Smithsonian, September 1986).