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If you do not type anything for several minutes, your character will be
"whisked away into reality," which means that you will be removed from the
zone you're in and placed in the "Void," also called "Purgatory." If you
type something, you will be returned from the Void to where you were. If
you continue to be idle (not typing anything), however, you will
eventually be automatically logged out as if you had QUIT or rented.

Many players use triggers (actions) or timed events in their clients to
keep from whisking or to return to the game when it happens. This is fine,
but keep the following in mind:

If you use an event or trigger to keep from being idle, use a command like
STATS SNEAK or LOOK Don't use something spammy like a social, emote, or
room. This is especially important if you go AFK in a place like the first
room of MedLink. Rest assured that if your whisk trigger spams and annoys
people, you can and will be frozen for it.

If you're going AFK do so in your clanhall, gohome, the City of Medievia,
Trellor, or in MedLink. Going AFK inside a ZONE is against the rules.
If you whisk inside a zone that is waiting for players to leave in order
to repop or reset, you will be removed from the zone automatically. Using
an event to avoid whisking in this situation is illegal.

Do not hold onto keys while you are AFK