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We no longer update or maintain the idealist. Please use POLITICS to get
your ideas funneled to the gods; contact to speak to
this month's elected governor directly.

Idealist is a listing of ideas that have been submitted by players and
reviewed by gods. These entries are not numbered because the file will
constantly be updated. The file is searchable: idealist ss will give
you all the ideas with ss as a keyword, idealist trade will show
all the ideas with trade in as a keyword. The review states are as
follows: rejected, accepted and considering. Rejected ideas have been
discussed and decided against. Most of the time a reason is listed
unless there was just a unanimous "no" for many reasons. Considering
means these ideas were reviewed and might be considered in the future.
Accepted means these ideas were reviewed and seem to fit well with the
game, and will be implemented as soon as someone has time to code them.
Please realize that the coders already have MASSIVE todo lists and
these items are not always going to be gotten to immediately, it may
be weeks or months. Idealist is updated with new information whenever a
new list of ideas has been extensively reviewed and voted upon. Please
check idealist and buglist before submitting ideas to prevent ideaing
and bugging items that have already been reviewed.

Rules for using idealist/buglist :
1) don't curse, use lewd language, be vulgar, etc... or you will
   find yourself frozen
2) don't spam, if you ideaed/bugged it once, it's enough
3) don't abuse the idea/bug commands, if you waste our time, you
   will lose your privs
4) if we respond to your idea with a negative response it is not
   up for argument, and shouldn't be belabored in idealist or
   through e-mail/mudmail to the managing god(s)
5) if you truly feel you have an excellent idea and it was rejected
   feel free to send it again in a FEW MONTHS
6) if you are submitting an idea or reporting a bug... don't just
   say fix whatever. We need details as to what you feel is broken
   and what you would like to see changed to have it corrected.
   Things like duh, this stinks! will be ignored.