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All housing requests should be sent to the address

Because requests to build or change houses are so detailed, please DO NOT
use mudmail for anything but the simplest changes. Houses are a big deal.
Take the time to write them in a real e-mail and read them back to yourself
before hitting "send"!

If you decide that you wish to buy a house, here is a checklist of things
you need to do.

1.  Decide which city you want your house to be located in: the City of
    Medievia or the City of Trellor. Please remember that the City of
    Trellor is subject to dangerous weather and trade catastrophes.

2.  Write a description for your house. E-mail the final description to Do not use mudmail.
     a.  Do not bash or harass any players or gods within the description.
         Do not use curse words or drug references.
     b.  Make sure you proofread and spellcheck the description before
         submitting it. If it makes it into the game with errors, they
         will be fixed without further notification to you.

3.  Decide on a house room name, door, and exit/entrance messages. See
    HELP CLAN_CREATION for more on exit/entrance messages. House room names
    (unlike descriptions) must be at least SOMEWHAT fitting to a medieval
    world. If your house room name is so modern (brand names, website
    addresses, etc.) that it stands out like a sore thumb when listed on
    CLANWHERE for instance, it won't be approved.

4.  Decide if you want any extra flags added to the house. Houses start
    as indoor rooms with the following flags by default: LAWFUL (the house
    is LPK *and* players cannot recite teleport scrolls on other players
    there), PRIVATE (cannot phase in), HOME (so it works as a gohome),
    NO_TRADE (cannot bring freight inside) and NO_COMBS (combs will never
    pop there; combs never pop inside buildings anyway, but even outdoor
    houses are flagged this way).

    You may also choose to have the following optional flags set: DARK
    (cannot see the room with scan or autoexits unless a player with a
    light is in it), NO_MAGIC (cannot cast spells, recite scrolls, or use
    staffs or wands), SAFE (cannot engage in combat in any way), NEUTRAL
    NPK instead of lawful), and DRINKROOM (can drink as if there were a
    fountain). Any room flagged NO_MAGIC must have an exit so players
    cannot be trapped inside.

    You can have different flags on different rooms. You can have some
    rooms inside and some outside. Houses may not have Grave NPK or CPK

    You have the option of having each room be a high mana regeneration
    room. This is usually done by default. If you want your house to be a
    different type of room (this is different from the flags listed
    above), like water (need levitate or a boat), ask for other options.

    You cannot have both fishing and high mana regen due to code limitations.

5.  Decide if you want to buy any exits from the house. You may have
    one-way exits to the post office, the lockers, the bank, the library
    (board), and the portal. These exits cost 100 million *each* and can
    go in any direction.

6.  Decide if you want to buy any extra rooms. The first room is 750
    million coins. The next four rooms (rooms 2-5) cost 200 million each,
    and the last two (rooms 6-7) cost 350 million each. You cannot have
    more than seven rooms in the house.

7.  You can wander the suburbs and choose the perfect place, or the real
    estate gods will choose a location when the house is made.

8.  Write a description for your house key. Follow the instructions in HELP
    HOUSEKEY Do not skip this step.

9.  For an extra fee of 200 million gold, you may expand your house to have
    two descriptions that will change at two specified times of the day. For
    example, to have a "day" description and a "night" description, you
    would have one for Medievia hour six and one for Medievia hour twenty
    two. This is available for each room of your house, at 200 mil per room.

Once you have all the information above, e-mail it to
so that a real estate god can assist you. Please do not mudmail, do not
send the e-mail to an individual god, and don't try to get this done via
pray. Please make sure your character's name is in the subject of the
e-mail. Please transfer the fee to the Realestate character. All real
estate gods will automatically be notified that you've paid, and your
house will be taken care of quickly.

There are no procs, no mobs, no objects in player houses. If it isn't
listed in a real estate help file, you can't have it.

House Costs:

House + Key + setting your gohome    750 million gold coins

Extra rooms (2-5)                    200 million gold coins
Extra rooms (6-7)                    350 million gold coins
(Max of 6 extra rooms may be added)

Each exit to bank, lockers, etc.     100 million gold coins
Extra room description (1 per room)  200 million gold coins

Gohomes (see help GOHOME
Gohomes for additional players       25 million gold coins
Change gohome to another room        25 million gold coins

Flags (water, dark, private, safe, no_magic, indoors, npk, etc.) are free.
You can have a fishable room OR a high mana regen room, but not both, due
to limitations of the building code.

See HELP HOUSECHANGES for other fees. Contact a god at
or mudmail 'Realestate' for details.