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To change a clanitem, see HELP CLANITEM_CHANGE

To make changes to your house, clanhall, or key, e-mail
or mudmail Realestate with your player name, the exact name of the room or
key you're changing, and the exact wording and nature of the changes you
want. You should transfer the fees to the player Realestate at the same
time as you send the request.

Any combination of the following minor changes cost 50 mil per room:
 - new names or new descriptions for existing rooms
 - new exit/entrance messages for rooms with existing messages
 - adding or changing lookats
 - adding or changing zoneechoes in a house that already has them
 - changing sectors or adding/removing room flags (including making a room
   high mana regen or fishable)

The following major changes cost 100 mil every time:
 - changing a house key or clanhall key
 - moving a house from Med to Trellor, or vice versa
 - recording special instructions, such as specifying other players who
   are allowed to make changes to your house or set gohomes

The following major changes cost 150 mil every time:
 - new ASCII art, or new colors for existing art

The following major changes cost 200 mil every time:
 - changing the owner of a house
 - a second room description for an existing or new room

IMPORTANT: Only changes included in the mail sent to realestate will be
implemented. If you forget something or change your mind, even if this
occurs before the original changes are put in, you will be charged twice.
Please include ALL of the information you want accurately, the first time.

The following changes are FREE. We will NOT charge for them.
 - fixing typos/grammar/spelling/capitalization/justification in names or
   descriptions, including exit/entrance messages
 - anything directly associated with the purchase of a new additional room
   or city exit, such as changing exit messages or doors on existing rooms
   connected to it
 - restoring anything lost or corrupted by game crashes, staff mistakes or
   oversights, or other circumstances beyond the players' control

We ALSO do not charge for services that are included when a player buys a
room/house but which they elected not to do at the time, or which were added
to the game since the house was built:
 - adding a key to a house that didn't have one before
 - adding custom map characters to a house not currently mapped
 - adding zoneechoes to a room without them

If you buy an existing house from another player, the same policy applies.
Adding features that are not already part of the house--like putting in
lookats to rooms that did not have any, or adding zoneechoes where none
already existed--are free. CHANGING features, like renaming or redescribing
rooms, is NOT free. You will still be charged for 'renovating' a home
bought from another player.

Any requests for changes that don't seem to be covered here should be
brought to the attention of the real estate staff so they can be added to
the lists. Please e-mail or mudmail Realestate.