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Please consider the following before filling out the application:

 * You must be 18 years of age or older (see help BUILDER_FAQ
 * You must have at least one mortal character who has reached level 25
 * Use your best grammar and spelling for your entire application
 * Read HELP BUILDER_TIPS and HELP BUILDER_FAQ before you apply
 * Do not send attached files with your application

Please send completed applications to Do not
send attached files - make sure your application is included as
text in the body of the email. Please use "Application for
Holiday Builder from <playername>"-as your subject, replacing
<playername> with your main character's name. You will be contacted
when your application is received so you know it went through.

This position is basically a builder position, with a few distinct
differences. First, you are not expected to conceive of and
build your own zone - instead you will be expected to take part in
the creative process and building aspects of new holiday zones,
quests, and prizes. The decision-making process involves the entire
holiday department, but the holiday manager has the final say.
If you are hired, all your contributions will be acknowledged,
even if they are not ultimately realized in a holiday activity.

NOTE A good working knowledge of past holiday zones and activities
      is necessary to adequately complete this application.

Application (please include the questions in your application, and answer
each one thoroughly):

1.) Are you at least 18 years of age?

2.) List your mortal name and level achieved in Medievia. If you have more
    than one character, please list them all.

3.) Have you ever had a Medievia character purged before? If so, what
    was the character's name and why were you purged?

4.) How long have you played Medievia?

5.) What is your native language and what country do you currently
    reside in? What other languages can you speak? Note that having
    English as a second language in no way counts against you on the

6.) From Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Summer holiday
    zones and activities, please choose TWO holidays and write an
    outline for a new, different way to celebrate each one. Bearing
    in mind the general limitations of Medievia and special procs
    you're familiar with, try to be as creative as you can. We are
    looking for a theme or story that all components of the holiday
    activities can adhere to - for example, if your idea involves
    two holosections, make sure to tell the story in such a way that
    it reasonably explains their connection to each other and to the
    holiday. Some details to include are:

    * How many zones will you need?
    * What is the object of your zone(s)?
    * Is your idea based on puzzles, finding hidden items, chasing a
      moving holosection down? How do those activities tie into your
    * What kind of mobs will your idea require? What kind of
      special procedures?
    * How does your idea tie into the overall theme of the holiday?

7.) From ONE of your chosen holidays, please provide a sample of 3-5 rooms
    from the zone, 3 LOOKATS (descriptions associated with things in those
    rooms), and TWO examples of items (name, description, and effects) that
    could be used as prizes. Pay special attention to grammar and spelling!
    Keep in mind that holiday zones and activities must be accessible to all
    levels and classes, from hero to brand new player.

8.) How much time can you reasonably spend working on holiday festivities?
    We generally have between4 and 8 weeks to come up with an idea, build
    the associated rooms, mobs, items, and procedures.

9.) Do you have any past experience building? (Most builders are hired with
    little or no experience, so don't feel under-qualified if you have none.)

10.) Please describe your educational background. This may be high school,
     college, or your own personal studies. What subjects interest you most?

11.) Please write 1-2 paragraphs explaining why you wish to participate in
     the holiday team.

Please be aware that this position is essentially a Builder position, and
there is currently no opportunity for advancement.

Some room description guidelines:

Each room should consist of at least 3 lines or 3 sentences, whichever is
longer. Ideally rooms are 5 lines long. Lookat descriptions should include
a list of keywords and 3-4 lines of description. Descriptions should all
be different and include a wide range of detail. We ask that you refrain
from using the words "you" and "your". However, if a description must
include one of those words, the guidelines for using them are as follows:

Do not tell people what they're thinking, how they're feeling, or what
they're doing. The idea is to describe the surroundings and the items,
NOT a person's reaction to them.

Again, please send applications to with the subject
"Application for Holiday Builder from <playername>" and replace
<playername> with your main character's name. Do not use attachments,
and make sure all text is in the body of the email.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Medievia!

We reserve the right to deny applications for any reason.