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To turn on and use the HINTS channel, type: SETCOM HINT ON
   Note: This channel only works for total levels 1 through 123.

To turn off the HINTS channel, type: SETCOM HINT OFF

To see all the hints for your level and class, type: HINTS
   Note: It may be a good idea, if you have the time, to read through all
         the hints either right before you level, or right after you
         level. This way you will not miss any of the hints.

Hints is a channel that gives valuable information periodically to players
of particular levels. Each hint is sorted by level and by class so that
not all classes or levels will see the same hints. As you advance in the
game, you will see new hints that you didn't see your first few levels,
and you will not see many of the hints you DID see during prior levels.

You will only see a hint about every 10 minutes, about 6 hints per hour.
Since this is not a spammy channel, it is suggested that you keep it on at
all times.

You will NOT see the same hint more than once within an hour. Since
different levels will have different hints, you may see fewer than 6 hints
per hour.

Example 1: There may be a hint set for levels 1 through 3 of any class
           regarding reading the newbie guide. This means that ONLY
           players in levels 1, 2 and 3 will be able to see these hints.

Example 2: There may be a hint set for levels 1 through 15 of the cleric
           class regarding the statistic wisdom. This means that only
           clerics at or between the levels of 1 and 15 will see this