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When a HEROBATTLE starts you may HEROWAGER You simply pick one of the
heroes to win and how much to wager.

Wagering is done by laying or taking money odds.

To determine the amount that would go to the winning betters, the amount
bet on the loser is split between the bettors on the winner, in proportion
to their bets.

  10% - winning person battling
  90% - split between the winners

  Pamela and Ann are battling

  Player A bets 1,000,000 on Pamela
  Player B bets 1,000,000 on Pamela
  Player C bets   500,000 on Pamela
  Player D bets   100,000 on Pamela
  Player E bets 1,000,000 on Ann
  Player F bets 1,000,000 on Ann

  There is 2.6mil bet on Pamela and 2mil bet on Ann.

  Pamela wins the battle, so Players E and F lose their wager since they
  bet on the losing person battling. Since Pamela won the battle, she
  would receive 200,000 coins.

  A gets 1000000/2600000 of the amount left, so:
         1000000/2600000 * 2000000 * .9 = 692,307.
   That is, A bet 1mil, and since a total of 2.6mil was bet on Pamela,
   1mil/2.6mil is the percentage of split, multiply that by the amount bet
   on the loser (2mil) times 90% (or .9) and that is how much Player A
   will receive from the wager.

  B made the same bet as A, so he also gets 692,307.

  C gets 500000/2600000 of the amount left, so:
         500000/2600000 * 2000000 * .9 = 346,153

  D gets 100000/2600000 of the amount left, so:
         100000/2600000 * 2000000 * .9 = 69,230.

If you add the amounts paid out, you get 1,999,997, with a bit lost to

For those who don't want to bother with the math:
If you bet 1/4 of the total amount bet on the winner, you get 1/4 of 90%
of the amount bet on the loser.

Note that this system encourages heroes to fight against heroes of similar
difficulty, since if a stronger hero fights a weaker one, they aren't
going to make as much money as they would if they fought a hero of similar

There are warnings before the battle starts. You can only wager BEFORE
it starts!

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