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The HEROBATTLE command gives all of the stats for the ongoing battle, if
one is running. The HEROBATTLE channel in SETCOMM toggles whether you see
the yellow ECHOES announcing battles.

Herobattles are initiated by heroes going to the automated herobattle
area in MedLink. See Help AUTO_HB for more information on the process.

When the battle is about to start the whole game is informed. At that
point any player may HEROWAGER and pick a side to win. If their side
wins they get the payoff in gold. There are warnings before the battle
actually starts, and you must make your HEROWAGER before it starts.

The hero who wins gets a portion of the amount wagered on the loser.

Once the battle starts any player may watch the whole thing through
either hero's eyes by using MINDLINK All Heroes have stats which are
saved. HERO POINTS, #Kills, #Deaths, #Wins, #Losses and Time.
These can be viewed at any time by using the HEROLIST command.

The top 12 ranked heroes are considered the CHAMPIONS of Medievia. The
top ranked hero is the Grand Champion of Medievia. Champions have a
CHAMPION HERO next to their name. They get a special hero mount. Most
importantly, they get a HITPOINT BONUS:

  1   35
  2   30
  3   28
  4   26
  5   24
  6   22
  7   20
  8   18
  9   16
 10   14
 11   12
 12   10

NOTE that the HP bonus for this and for clans does not apply inside of a

The battle ends when a hero is killed or when a god aborts the fight due
to unforeseen circumstances. Heroes cannot leave the battle zone.

If the battle takes too long the battle goes into overtime. When this
happens the battles moves to a much smaller arena.