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To apply for the Documentation Writer position, writing, entering, and
updating help files for Medievia, fill out the application below. Please
make sure you meet the following requirements before applying:

- You must be 18 years old or older.
- You must have at least one hero character.
- Your characters' history files must be relatively free of problems.
  Players who have been purged for cheating or who have other serious
  discipline actions will not be considered.
- You must have read Help GOD_FAQ and help APPLICATION

Please send your application in the body of your e-mail, not as an attached
file in txt, doc, or any other format.

Applications for Documentation Writer should be sent to You will receive a short note acknowledging that
we have received your application. The staff will then review the
applications and contact those applicants we feel may be qualified for the
Documentation Writer position. Everyone will receive an answer about the
status of their application after it has been reviewed, and qualified
candidates will be asked to log on for an interview to narrow down the
field to find the right person for the job.

Answer the following questions in your e-mail to
If you have technical writing experience outside Medievia (such as a job on
a programming project, more than one semester of technical writing classes
at the university level, an internship that involved documentation writing,
or more advanced work experience as a technical writer) be sure to mention
that. Try to be concise; good, solid communication skills are vital for
this position, and help files need to be written to be tight and clear.

 1.) Are you at least 18 years old or older? It's not necessary to tell us
     how old you are if you're over 18, but you must be at least 18 to
     apply for a god position.

 2.) What are your characters' names on Medievia, and what levels are
     they? This position requires a familiarity with the game that comes
     with experience. You must have played the game to hero at least once
     to apply.

 3.) Have any of your Medievia characters ever been purged? If so, what was
     the character's name and why was it purged?

 4.) What languages do you know fluently, and which one is your native
     language (the one you speak and understand the best)? This position
     requires solid English skills and the ability to write clearly,
     following provided style examples, but having English as a second
     language does not necessarily disqualify you. What country do you live in?

 5.) What experience do you have as a technical writer or documentation
     writer, or in a related job? Specify education (and school projects)
     at the university level and any professional experience.

 6.) How many hours a week do you have available to work on your god
     should you be hired? The Documentation Writer needs to be able to log
     on several times a week and must be able to check his or her Medievia
     e-mail regularly, and should be able to notify Cartimanua ahead of
     time of any expected absences.

 7.) Are you a clanleader? This may or may not affect your ability to
     become a god, depending on the time required of the job you apply
     for and the judgement of those hiring you.

 8.) Do you feel when helping players you can conduct yourself in a
     professional manner and ignore any personal grudges or biases you
     may have? Why?

 9.) Please choose one of the commands/features listed below and write a
     sample help file for its BASIC USE Refer to existing help files if
     you want to, but use your own words. If anything is missing from the
     existing help file, or if there isn't one (!), fix that. Keep in mind
     that help files do not reveal specific formulas, numbers, or ratios to
     players, and that your main task in this job is successfully teaching
     people how to USE a command/feature and how to UNDERSTAND what you see
     in the game when using it.

     - DAMROLL
     - CATALOG

10.) Choose an entry in CHANGES dated between 10/01/10 and today, and see
     if you can find anything in the help files that is wrong, outdated,
     misleading, or missing about it. Tell us what you'd change. This is a
     major part of this job. CHANGES is the documentation writer's greatest

11.) Please describe your educational background. What subjects interest
     you the most? What is/was your major in college or graduate school?
     Please include any independent or personal study you've undertaken in
     subjects that interest you.

12.) What other information can you tell us about yourself that you feel
     qualifies you for this god position?

We reserve the right to deny applications for any reason.