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Hellripper is a CPK MOBFACTION from afar. He is a master mage that has
become a true demon. It is unknown if he lives underground or if his
twisted reality just always links to our world far down below the
Catacombs. It is just impossible to tell because his domain is a twisted
mirror reality of our own and even Marious does not know where it truly

This domain is LLCPK set randomly from 2 to 7.

Hellrippers zones always seem like one of our Medievia areas. The area it
seems to be can change in a moment, one minute it may seem like the Goblin
Castle and the next moment it may seem like a twisted version of Vanlarra.

What is even more unsettling is the zones are always rotating. Every few
seconds his whole domain rotates clockwise or counter clockwise. Needless
to say this can quickly drive adventurers mad!

There always seems to be 3 exits into Hellripper's domain, and always from
the bottom level of the Catacombs. These exits change and shift all the
time so if you find the exit down you do not have time to decide to risk
it. If you think you knew how to walk out, think again as the exit will
have shifted countless times.

Once inside there are a few ways out:
- You can die and get teleported to the Catacombs exit as an undead corpse
  once you try to move.
- You can find an exit up into the bottom level of the Catacombs and walk
- Someone can defeat Hellripper and his domain will collapse, with you
  ending up at the Catacombs entrance.

The DM uses the ADVENTURE channel to inform the world of his existence 15
minutes after he appears. This gives people adventuring in the Catacombs
who may discover the exit down time to gain some spoils before the heavy
hitters show up. The DM will then re-announce every 15 minutes.

Hellripper works just like Hellreaper in that you must collect souls by
killing the zombies of the legion of the damned. When inside Hellripper
domain SCORE will show how many souls you have and how many you may need.
If you attack Hellripper before you have enough souls, he takes all of
your souls away and flees.

There are always at least around 10 zombies in the zone but if there are
more than 10 players in the zone the number goes up. If there are 30
players in the zone the zombie count will quickly rise to 30. In a way
this means the more players in a zone, the more maddness and zombies
everywhere, thus changing the whole CPK aspect.

Hellripper will very often *POP* to an area in his domain where there are
many players and no one fighting, pick a random victim, and *pop* that
player to a random place in the area. This happens so often that it gets
very difficult to impossible to keep more than 2 players in any one room
for long. When a player is dead the room becomes safe from other players
so that there is time for players to loot items, note that mobs can and
will still attack in this room.

PRIZES and REWARDS: Hellripper is like Hellraider and Hellreaper in that
it offers tons of HEROPOINTS and GOLD The whole domain is loaded with
catacomb EGGS on the ground and on the zombies. The player who deals the
death blow to Hellripper gets 2 cool items, 3 DC's, and many eggs.