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Hellraider is a MOBFACTION from afar. He is a master mage that has become
a true demon. He will appear anywhere in the game, alone and vulnerable.
His plan is to infest our continent with life and Fae magic. He does this
with powerful Fae magic spells. He will incapacitate a player, drag him
off, and crucify him. The first person that this happens to will be flung
away and out of CPK After that if you are crucified you are lootable if
and when you die. The area will be LLCPK with a random loot limit of 2 to 7
items. Your friends can rescue you when you are being dragged off, being
crucified, or even for a time after crucifixion as you are not dead yet,
just incapacitated.

Each cross room will show up as a cross symbol on the map if you use a good
Medievia FONT The cross will have a demon on it that was created as a
copy of the player. The cross then spawns Legion of the Damned mobs. These
mobs look like the player crucified: name, class, sex, and hitpoints will
be the same. The zombies use pure scent when finding a player to kill so
they are easy to lure in if you use the wind and easy to get away from as
they are not terribly smart. As Hellraider creates crosses he tries to
place them to extend his domain. He could take over a quarter of
the Medievia continent in this way if no one defeats him.

Hellraider can teleport between crosses and gets a half heal when he does,
so once he has two or more he becomes nearly impossible to kill. To weaken
him, the crosses need to be removed. You cannot attack a demon on a cross.
You must find a way to deprive the demon on the cross of its Fae magic.
Once only one or no crosses are left, Hellraider is killable. The trick
is to not get crucified and to kill the crosses, then kill Hellraider.

As with all attacks from afar, normal non-afar mobfactions will not attack
players when an attack from afar is nearby. They will be your friends and
help fight the invasion.

You cannot land your dragon in wilderness CPK You cannot link into it from
MedLink; instead the game will find a non-CPK area nearby. Being near the
infestation but not in CPK is still very dangerous, as Hellraider will come
out of CPK and drag you into it. If you see the infestation on the map and
do not want to be looted, leave.

Please note that if you are close enough to Hellraider to be in danger,
you may not receive a prompt to enter CPK if he drags you in.