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        Your HANDBOOK to MEDIEVIA - Rules and Regulations

  Medievia is owned and operated by Vryce (Mike Krause)

1. Try to keep the profanity to a minimum.
2. The gods are here to serve you, please ask gods level 32-33 for minor
   things like questions and lost items. We have over 24 gods here to
   help you but most are usually busy making new zones and coding new
   commands and ideas. Please try and ask another player for most help.
3. Please use the IDEA BUG and TYPO command to let us know your ideas,
   any bugs you find and typos. These commands save your input to
   files for us to go over weekly.
4. Multiple players are not allowed here, you will be purged if we find
   you have more than one player on at once, and yes we do check your
   site for verification. We have some player kill areas and we want
   the game to be fair. The code will warn you and ask for your
   verification before allowing you to enter a playerkill area.
5. Spamming, harassing of players, dropping items repeatedly, etc etc...
   are to appear uncivilized, etc...
6. Harming a player by using uncivilized manners like summoning someone
   to an aggressive critter will result in you being purged. This type
   of behavior will be judged by the level 35 gods.
7. You acknowledge that by using this game, you hold none of its
   operators or the Net Access service responsible for ANYTHING that happens,
   either to yourself, or your hardware, as a result of the use of this
8. You acknowledge that nothing on Medievia is guaranteed to be private
   and everything is subject to be logged.

   Please use the PRAY command to speak with the gods of Medievia.

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