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Ghost Riders are a mobfaction that helps road traders. They typically
appear when a player defeats a Haunted Forest mobfaction, but they can
appear at other times as well.

They will attach to the largest formation that has a leader with freight
nearby. Once attached, they will try to stick to that formation, but if
they get broken up they will try to help the next best player formation.

- If the leader LINKs or TELEPORTs they may just poof away and be gone.
- If the leader is fighting, the Ghost Riders will head towards the leader
  if they are not already engaged.
- If the leader is on a road, the Ghost Riders will try to stay about five
  rooms ahead in the direction they think you are going, to "ride point" as
  it were.
- If the leader rests, the Ghost Riders will come back and take up position
  around the formation to protect them.
- If the leader goes off the road, the Ghost Riders will try to stay on the
  road but as close as possible in case they are needed. If the leader
  gets too far away (12 rooms or so), the whole squad of Ghost Riders may
  poof away or try to find a better formation to help.
- The Ghost Riders will rest if needed and if you give them time. If you
  move they will stop resting and try to keep up.
- The Ghost Riders know not to spam your room. They try to stay nearby but
  not in your face.
- They know when you are running and run as well, to stay ahead at point.
- The DM tends to make sure that life is interesting if a formation has
  Ghost Riders around, so there is bad with the good, as always. This
  will be cranked up a few times over the coming days.

They are riders from the world of death, thanking you for freeing their
spirits from the Haunted Forest.

Message from Vryce:
Expect these Ghost Riders to change as we see how things work out. I know
I will need to code a time limit or some other limit to them. Right now to
help test they have no limit and could theoretically last all day.