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Syntax: get <object/all> [container]

    get dagger         - get a dagger from the ground into your inventory
    get dagger bag     - get a dagger from a bag into your inventory
    get all corpse     - get all items from the corpse into your inventory
    get all.potion bag - get all potions from the bag, regardless
                         of what else is in it
    get 2.potion 3.bag - get the 2nd potion from the 3rd bag

If you are standing in the locker room, and your locker is open, the "get"
command will first check your locker before looking on the floor. This
means that if there is a belt in your locker, and a belt on the floor, and
you want the one on the floor, you have to first get the one from your
locker, or close your locker door.

This command can also be used to transfer FREIGHT between two cargos. If
you have a hitched covered wagon full of arrows, for instance, and you
have a mule in the room too, you can type 'take arrows' to move one bundle
of arrows from the hitched freight to your mule.

You can also take more than one tradable from one freight to another with
TAKE <#> <good>, like "take 5 arrows." This will move 5 bundles of arrows
from your hitched freight to your active freight, provided you are all in
the same room.