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This help file deals with discipline gags given by gods to players who make
problems on CHANNELS For information on gagging spammy text, see the help
file for your client.

We demand RESPECT from all players toward all players, gods, and the game.

If you misbehave on a channel, you will be gagged for a day "  " on ALL
CHANNELS Do it again, you'll be gagged for four days. Again, sixteen
days, Yet again, sixty-four days. The time quadruples with every offense,
and this timer never resets to zero.

Anyone trying to get gagged on purpose bypasses this system and gets gagged
for 300 days.

Serious offenses, such as vulgarity or BASHING on a channel, usually warrant
not only a gag, but a freeze or possible purge.

Remember, every gag covers all the public channels: ASK IMM CHAT CE
LEGEND and POLITICS You can also be gagged on the QUEST channel, at the
gods' discretion. IMM includes HEROB and includes DREAM

Screw up on one, you lose them all.