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The Medievia website no longer has a section of player pictures. This help
file will stay here in case that should return. In the meantime, these
basic FTP instructions for Windows may be useful to our community.

This file was written to allow people to upload pictures to Medievia
without using a client. There are currently several clients that will
allow you to do this, including my favorite CuteFTP, for Windows. This
help-file was specifically written for Windows clients, but Fetch can be
used for Macintosh.

The Basics: FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It is used to connect
two computers over the Internet and allows them to send and receive files.

What to do:  Windows comes with a basic ftp client. Go to the START
button, click RUN, and type ftp; a screen will appear.
You will be presented with a prompt that looks like this:

Connected to
220 aftpd: Check Point FireWall-1 Secure FTP server running on idcomfw
User (

Enter your login as anonymous

331 aftpd (not authenticated): Enter server password,
or for anonymous login use your complete e-mail address.

Enter your e-mail as your password

230-aftpd: Connected to Logging in...
230-aftpd: 220-Welcome to the Medievia Picture Page FTP
230-aftpd: 220-Please only upload GIF or JPG files. No other types will be
230-aftpd: 220-Please do not upload overly large files.
230-aftpd: 220-
230-aftpd: 220 WFTPD 2.4 service (by Texas Imperial Software) ready for
new user

230-aftpd: 331-Anonymous user access allowed - please enter your e-mail
230-aftpd: 331-address as the password:
230-aftpd: 331 Give me your password, please
230 aftpd: 230 Logged in successfully

Great! You're logged in. Now type 'bin', this changes the transfer type to
binary, all you need to know is that it allows you to send images.

ftp> bin
200 Type is Image (Binary)

Now, to upload. The absolute easiest way to do this is to put your desired
file on your desktop. To do this,  click on your file, and 'drag' it to
your desktop. Ok, your file is in your desktop, now you type send filename.ext

ftp> send party3.jpg
200 PORT command okay
150 "/party3.jpg" file ready to receive in IMAGE /
Binary mode
226 Transfer finished successfully.
ftp: 5318 bytes sent in 0.00Seconds

You're done! Log onto the website, and follow the
instructions on how to complete your submission.