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Gods may choose to freeze a player as a form of punishment. When someone
is frozen, they cannot issue any commands, making the character unplayable.
When a frozen character attempts to issue commands, he/she sees the freeze
reason instead of the usual game text.

Whatever you do, do not argue with a god about the reason you were frozen,
and do not ask another god why. If you HONESTLY think that the freeze was
in error, read Help DISCIPLINE If you still believe so, you may
contact the gods listed there.

The normal freeze time is usually three (3) days but may be extended
depending on the reason a player was frozen.

The code will automatically unfreeze you when your days are up. If you
were frozen for 3 days, you will be unfrozen after exactly 72 hours.
If you were frozen for 1 week, it will be 168 hours.

The rules regarding multiplaying do not apply to frozen characters, as you
cannot quit when frozen.