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Founders are the players around when Medievia V started. This consists of
all players created during our first 20 years. From 2/01/2011 and on there
can be no new founders.

Initially founders will be almost everyone. In the future founders will be
very rare. There will never be a new founder. We will turn the FOUNDER
tag on once founders are around one half of the playerbase and when it
starts to mean something.

It will mean little at first, and slowly mean more and more.

In the year 2025 it will mean a lot! Founders were created when Medievia
was 17 years old, the year 2025 is 17 years after that. Founders in the
year 2025 will be very rare and will start to become the priceless gift
that it is.

Medievia would not be here if not for the founders and their support and
donations. Medievia is truly a game world run by the people for the
people. The founders are the original people.

God bless all founders for the gift they gave to humanity, Medievia!