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When fleeing from battle, you will attempt to escape in any random
direction.  However, there is a chance that you can not escape. The fewer
exits that a room has, the greater the chance that you will be unable to
flee.  You may attempt to flee again after a failed attempt.

A flee attempt may also be blocked when engaged to a mob or player that
is using the RAGE skill. When failing flee from a target using RAGE a
small amount of lag is incurred.

Syntax: wimpy [number between 0-255]

Setting your wimpy at 100, means that you will automatically attempt to flee
when your hit points drop down to 100 or less.  To see what your wimpy is
currently set at, type 'wimpy' with no argument.

Wimpy flee will automatically fail on melee hits received from a player
or mob that is using the RAGE skill.