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Fishing quest is basically a way to peacefully pass some time on Medievia.
Anyone level 10 or over can play, and this is probably the best quest for
newbies as there is no player-killing allowed. The quest typically runs
for 30 minutes to an hour. Note that if a dragon is circling or hunting,
you are in no danger as long as you stay on the water.

Fishing equipment will be provided to you after you enroll in the quest.

--Note on Deep Sea Fishing:
Normal river/lake fishing uses a fishing line or rod, whereas deep sea
fishing uses a net. To fish you need to have a NET and be in a beach room,
next to the ocean.

There are 3 score categories, Total Caught, Total Weight, and Average
Weight. Each category is ranked by the top 3 people scoring.

The object is to try to get the #1 spot in all 3 categories. While this is
difficult, it's not impossible with some work. You might want to
strategically turn in specific fish, or just blindly turn in everything
you happen to catch. There is naturally a large amount of luck (the random

You may not give fish to another player or accept fish from another player
to increase your score. You may not turn in fish you caught before the
quest started. All fish you turn in must be caught 1) by you and 2) during
the quest.

Your fish are weighed, randomly. That is, each type of fish has a
different possible maximum weight. The weight you get scored is a random
number from BaseWt. to MaxWt.

         --Max Possible Weights of River/Lake Fish--
40 - Amber Blaze             23 - pike             21 - trout
18 - salmon                  16 - bass             12 - carp
10 - catfish                  8 - bullhead         5 - spoonbill
 4 - crappie                  1 - prawn

         --Max Possible Weights of Ocean Fish--
30 - 'crimson clam' shell    23 - largemouth bass  23 - bluegill
20 - sand shark              19 - yellow perch     18 - huge tuna
14 - mackerel                13 - slimy squid      13 - sturgeon
13 - pollack                 11 - herring          10 - disgusting cod
 8 - piece of oyster meat     7 - nice sized anchovy

--Awards (always subject to change):
For each #1 position: 500k gold prize.
For each #2 position: 250k gold prize.
For each #3 position: 100k gold prize.

qc enroll - Enrolls you in the quest. This will transport you to the
            'Fishing Quest Information' room where you can read directions
            and different commands.
qc quit   - This will remove you from the quest and transport you back to
            the place you enrolled from.

--Commands sent to god via telepath:
score        - Shows you your current score in the three categories.
score <Name> - Shows you the score of another enrolled player. Be sure to
               capitalize the first letter of their name.
time         - Shows you the amount of time remaining in the quest.
ready        - Transports you from the 'Fishing Quest Information' room to
               the lake or ocean.
offer        - Transports you to the offer room. Once there, type OFFER
               FISH to turn in your fish to the quest god.
lake/ocean   - Moves you from the offer room to the lake or ocean.