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Firesticks are a mobfaction that climbs onto ships and attacks players and
pretty much everything else.

The firesticks are man-sized insectoids from the ocean. Fae magic ripples
around them like an external blood supply. They rip pieces of themselves off
and transform the pieces into knives that they throw. These odd creatures
look like man-sized stick figures, but they can be very dangerous.

If any player casts a spell in a room with one of these firesticks, the
firestick explodes and the ship room catches fire. This is to be avoided
at all costs as fires on a ship at sea are very dangerous.

The firesticks act like a squad and as a whole move from one part of the
ship to another. They do not damage the ship unless they explode so there
is no great urgency to defeat them. It is often wise, like many ship
mobfactions, to trap them in a hold when they attack that area by closing
the hatches. Then you can knock them off at your own speed.

Like FAECRABS firesticks tend to go to the rigging in a lightning storm
and always try to get to the hold when in a firestorm or a magic storm.

Firesticks give normal Fae, Heropoints, and gold when defeated.