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Some STORMS start FIRES in the WILDERNESS These fires spread and can
cover large areas if it's very windy with no rain. The fires are shown as
a red background in the wilderness with the fireline highlighted, allowing
you to see which way they are spreading. Fires will destroy FREIGHT and
will hurt or kill players or mobs very quickly. The spell "SENSE FIRE"
allows players to see a worldwide fire map. Dragons will not land in a
fire, nor will they respond to a CALL from within a fire. A player cannot
leave MEDLINK into a fire. Fires can last a long time. Any one area on
fire can remain on fire for 20 minutes on occasion. Road fires go out much
faster than grassland fires. Fires will destroy or harm clan businesses
and crops. Fires do not affect trade routes at this time, beyond
destroying freight and killing players or mobs, but may wipe out roads or
make areas impassable in the future.