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Firemoths are giant flame colored moths that attack ships at night.
They are man sized moths that have poison stingers, can attack with their
wings, and bite you badly. The good news is that they can be fairly

Firemoths generally do not swarm together but at night most pregnant
firemoths form up into large swarms for protection. After a time they
become so large with babies that they can no longer sustain flight for
long. It is at these times that they land on ships.

Once on the deck they crawl up to the rigging and start eating sails like
a giant moth on a giant sweater. They can destroy a ships sails and
rigging very quickly if they are left alone.

When the pregnant firemoth dies they often spill out their young in
swarms. These babies are easy to kill but can be dangerous in high numbers
as they have a hive mentality. The babies cannot fly yet and are afraid
of the rigging so they tend to stay on the main decks.

Like all other ship mobfactions, these give HEROPOINTS FAE and GOLD when