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In Medievia, there are many ways to find another player. Below is just a
few of the different ways to see if someone is on. Each command has its
own help file for more information regarding that specific command.

    WHO -n <playername>
    This command will show you if a player is on. Be mindful, if they are
    invisible, you may not be able to LINK or TELEPATH them if you are
    unable to see invisible.

    WHERE <playername>
    This command will show you where a player is, provided they are in the
    same zone. WHERE without a name after it will show all players in the
    same zone you are in.

    LASTON <playername>
    This command will show you if the player is on or when the player was
    on last.

    PLAYERINFO <playername>
    This command shows the clan the player is in, class, sex, and if this
    player is on, or when the player was last logged in.

    WHO -z
    Will show you all the players in the zone. Be mindful that players
    outside of the zone still may be within shout range but will show up
    as "someone" when shouting.

    WHO -a
    This command will show all avatars online in the instance that you
    need assistance or have questions regarding the game.

    CLANWHERE (if you are in the same clan as the person.)
    CLANWHO # (will show you all members in the clan # that are on.)
    This will show you if the player you are looking for is on only if
    they are in a clan. # being the clan number. A listing of clans is in

To get ahold of a person that is on you can do one of the following. Note:
Be mindful that you may need detect invisible to get hold of the person.

    LINK <playername>
    With this command, you are asking the other player to join you in
    MedLink. Please see Help MEDLINK for more information.

    TELEPATH <playername>
    Many players you are able to telepath. Some are members of your clan,
    members of your bloodline, gods, avatars if you are a single class, or
    anyone in link.

    MESSAGE <playername>
    You can send messages to players. To do this, you must first have a
    note written which requires a paper and quill.

    You are able to use this command to send a general shout to find a
    player, but be mindful. Everyone in the area is able to hear that
    shout. Please do not spam shout looking for a player who may not even
    be on or in the zone.