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Baby faezillas are a MOBFACTION that the DM sends to harass players
trading under the ocean on the ocean floor.

- Just one mob in the mobfaction.
- It scares freight so that the freight will not move until all nearby
  scary mobfactions are defeated.
- Its level and difficulty depends on how many players are nearby.
- Every minute and a half or so it roars out pure fae magical energy that
  harms all players within 10 rooms. If you are 10 rooms away you are
  barely harmed, within a room you are probably dead, 5 rooms away can
  cost you 550 hitpoints.
- There are warnings before the power roar happens, usually 4 warnings
  every 8-10 seconds of increasing direness right before.
- When you kill them you gain fae so make sure to have a fae orb.
- This is a baby of the giant faezilla that will come to do battle with
  other mountain sized monsters like the giant seaslugs.