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Fae is magic from Medievia ocean's and cannot be held by players unless
they are 'Faeborn'. HELP FAE will explain this as well as the STORY
prologue and the STORY chapter 1.

The way almost all players use fae is to HOLD and USE a fae orb containing
fae magic.

- You fill fae orbs at your clanhall. Just HOLD the orb and use the FILL
  command. The fae orb will be topped off at one million fae. The fae is
  taken from the clan orb and is logged in the clan log.
- Fae orbs only last 6-7 days, once they are deteriorated they can no
  longer be filled.
- You buy new empty fae orbs from Marious.
- You can buy auctioned fae orbs, which shows how much fae is left.
- You can give and take them to and from players.
- You can empty fae from a fae orb back into the clan orb. Just HOLD the
  orb and use the EMPTY command.
- Fae orbs are made from STAE HELP STAE for more information.

Note that the price to buy new fae orbs fluctuates with the sun, HELP
SOLAR ECLIPSE for more information.

When does fae count towards clanrank and towngames? When you gain fae it
goes to your body, as shown in score. If you are on the ocean or in fog it
will remain there if you are not faeborn(not implemented yet). When you
leave the ocean or fog the fae on your body will automagically transfer to
any fae orb in your inventory that has available room. That is when it
counts to clan rank and towngames. If you did not have enough fae orb
room, the fae on your body quickly dissipates unless you can get to your
clanhall. If you have personal fae on you and you are in your clanhall,
the fae will automagically go to it. That is also when it counts towards
clanrank and towngames. The FAEORB fae you gain counts twice as much
towards the fae race towngame.


Fae magic is almost always tied to the sun and the moon. The reasons for
this are still being researched by Vryce and Marious. The fae needed is
almost always tied to the sun and moon as well, the closer to the next new
moon and solar eclipse the less fae is required.

Every time you use the fae you must know 3 things, PDF, Power Duration
Frequency. The Power is normally tied to the sun and the duration to the
moon. The frequency is different for most uses.

The PDF for everything is known as its combination. These change from time
to time so check back here if things do not go as you expected.

USE ORB 12 2 66
This uses the orb with power 12, duration 2, and frequency 66.


Requires a full orb of 1 million fae and gives you 60 minutes of personal
double experience that is on top of everything else. SCORE shows how many
minutes left and GAMEINFO shows your experience multiplier. This is real
time so the time passes if you are logged in or not, one hour, period. The
time does accumulate if you wish.
Power:      2 + days until the next solar eclipse
Duration:   2 + days until the next new moon
Frequency   2
Fae needed: 1,000,000

Shows the global map broken down in sectors and how many serpents per
sector at this time.
Power:     1 + days until the next solar eclipse
Duration:  2 + days until the next new moon
Frequency: 79
Fae needed: iPower * iDuration * 1000

Creates a rainstorm over your location. You must be in the wilderness. The
storm will then move off like any other rainstorm.
Power:      3 + days until the next solar eclipse
Duration:   1 + days until the next new moon
Frequency:  63
Fae needed: iPower * iDuration * 1000

Removes all storms over your location with the exception of blizzards and
storms from afar.
Power:      3 + days until the next solar eclipse
Duration:   6 + days until the next new moon
Frequency:  90
Fae needed: 100,000

Shows a 'Wizard Eye' view from where you are all the way to a zone
destination. You see a new wizard eye view every 2/3rds of a second which
shows you mobs, fires, and catastrophes that exist now on the path. You
must be on a road intersection.

Example: USE ORB 5 5 5 trellor

Power:      5
Duration:   5
Frequency:  5
Fae needed: 25,000