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NOTE For the underocean anti-trading mobfaction BABY FAECLAMS read

Fae clams first appeared in the STORY in chapter 1.

Fae clams are giant clams the size of a castle that over time have created
the Star and Moon Islands in the Sea of Infinity.

They are the source of natural frae and stae.

Frae is what floats and we make ship hulls from. When a new moon starts,
the clams come to the Moon Island and deposit the frae.

Stae is what can store fae magic and what we make faeorbs from. When a
solar eclipse starts, the clams come to Star Island and deposit the stae.

The Moon Island, Star Island, and inside of the giant clams are all
neutral playerkill. This whole quest is a massive NPK quest.

The clams appear on the map as they surface from below and head for the
island. The DM announces them as well, including their coordinates. They
will keep appearing until 20,000 or so stae or frae has been deposited.

Each clam will splatter frae/stae out as it makes landfall. It will also
spit out all players that were in the clam.

How much frae/stae is made is determined by how many baby clams are
killed. A clam can drop off just 10 if none were killed or many thousands
if players really kicked baby clam ass.

Baby clams are found inside the clam. They hatch from larvae deep down
below and grow bigger and stronger quickly just like baby seaslugs. There
are always 20 babies. They will always move fairly fast and move to a
player to attack. The babies are actually fairly smart so be careful.

They do not get flushed out as they can hold on with their powerful foot.
Clams can hold on very tightly underwater. This is why they can make stae
and frae. They have mastered the fae magic of the ocean and the rae magic
of the land as they spend their entire centuries old lives living between
the water and the land.

The only way into a clam is to fly a dragon directly over it and circle
via doing FLY with no parameters. You will be sucked down magically.

When you are inside the clam you will see that below it slowly fills with
water. You will need the  BREATHE WATER spell often. The water fills from
below and when it reaches the top it flushes all players out who were
below. You can see if a room is flooded by LOOK AROUND which shows if a
room is underwater. The map you see as you move also turns blue in the
clam as that room floods with water.

This is the trick: A team must time the flooding right and go below to
kill the babies while they are small and manageable. They must be told
when to run back up before the water reaches the top or they will be
flushed out and have to call a dragon and come back.

At the very bottom of the clam is a room you must not enter. The room is
called 'Exhaled into the ocean' and is right after 'Inside of the exhalant
siphon'. You will be flushed out if you enter this room. It is also the
room the babies hatch in.

To get the stae and frae  when on the island you have to chop pieces off,
you HIT STAE or HIT FRAE while wielding a sharp weapon.

How much frae and stae each player is carrying is listed next to their
name in the room. You can hold a max of 500, then you must sell it to
Marious and come back. When you hit the stae/frae you can then not fly for
a few minutes. When you kill someone they drop 1/3 of their frae/stae on
average, but they may drop none and may drop as much as half, its fuzzy
logic. When you chop off frae/stae you get much more if the pile is
larger. That means the larger the pile the more you get with each hit.

Dragons are 1/5th of the cost during these times, regardless of your


It depends on the players. This is an interesting quest and very unique.
Think about it...

Your clan gets to a clam and gets in. You do well and are kicking baby
clam butt. No other clans come to this clam. You make landfall and you and
the stae/frae is washed onto the island. You do not know what is waiting
for you. It may be a bigger formation ready to kill you and take the
goods. It may be no one. It may be just a few easily soloable scavenger
players. Maybe you already had another separate friendly formation ready
and waiting!

Maybe your clan gets to a clam and finds another formation there. Maybe
you decide to team up. Maybe you both just battle and neither gets time to
kill babies before it makes landfall. Maybe your formation gets to a clam
and then another comes to attack you inside of it when you are almost

It is a type of quest where each one should play out a bit differently.
Fun PK madness.

Other details are that you get a lot of fae for killing babies so make
sure to have a FAEORB to store it. There is good heropoints and gold for
killing babies. There are medals for being flushed out with the timing
flood and flush system, being in the room deep below and getting washed
out, and for being in a clam when it makes landfall after many babies were