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    facebook show [all]              - show [all] of your saved posts
    facebook post <#> [<message>]    - upload a post to your Facebook wall
    facebook edit <#>                - personalize a post
    facebook delete <#>              - delete a saved post

Medievia tracks your achievements, as well as circumstances, good or bad,
that befall you. If you link your player with your Facebook account, the game
will offer you the opportunity to post some of these events to your Facebook
wall. To link your account, simply log in to Medievia using the Medievia
Facebook application. The URL for the application is:

Medievia will permanently remember your Facebook account and settings, so
once you have logged a character in through the Facebook application once,
you can switch back to your preferred client and retain all the benefits
of using the Facebook application. The FACEBOOK command will tell you if your
character isn't linked.

If something happens that the game thinks you might be interested in posting,
you will see FACEBOOK in your prompt. You can type FACEBOOK or
FACEBOOK SHOW to review these saved posts. Entering FACEBOOK SHOW ALL
may show additional posts that were deemed of lesser interest. To upload a
saved post to Facebook, you would type, e.g., FACEBOOK POST 1 for the first
post on the list. You can also append a personal message to the FACEBOOK POST
command, or use FACEBOOK EDIT to write a longer message. Similarly, FACEBOOK
DELETE 1 would delete your first post permanently, but there is no need to do
this; posts more than 3 days old are automatically deleted on the next game

If posts are not showing up, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  - Type SETPRIVACY and make sure that the username or user id on Facebook
    is shown at the top.
  - In Facebook, go to Privacy Settings -> Apps and Websites and check that
    the Medievia Facebook application is installed. If it is, click "Edit
    Settings"-and confirm that the settings include "Post to my Wall"-and
    "Access my data any time". If they do not, click "Remove App", then
    return to to reauthorize it.
  - Log in your character again using the Medievia Facebook client. (You can
    switch back to your preferred client afterwards.)

If the above fail, please email for assistance. Make
sure you include your character name in the email.

The SETPRIVACY command (see help SETPRIVACY allows you to control which
events produce the FACEBOOK prompt and show up when you use FACEBOOK SHOW.
You can also use the FLAGS command to disable the prompt without affecting
what appears on FACEBOOK SHOW.