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Most zones can be fully explored every repop, but a few have elements that
restrict who can explore them and when. The lists below document the zones
with the most significant caveats. The purpose of this help file is *not*
to enumerate all the challenging zones (which should be readily identifiable
with the ZONEINFO command). Instead, the goal is to point out the zones
with recondite impediments such as class restrictions and required items
that don't always load.

The following zones have level-restricted areas that limit who can explore
the zones fully.

    6  Lumond's Haven for New Adventurers
   11  The Great Tree
   51  Ulhazzen Mines
   52  Ulhazzen
   63  The Catacombs of Toshi
  129  The Trellorian Penitentiary
  163  The Xezadha Cathedral
  190  Cholsen's Mansion
  476  Lyngaeli's Nightmare
  601  Lucynde's Challenge
  608  The M'Lanchai Edeterai Borough

These zones have class-restricted areas; however, anyone can complete the
exploration objectives with the assistance of players of the appropriate

   44  Riverton
   66  The Mystical Forest
   71  New Genesia
  493  The Tomb of D'lujik

The following zones either can't be explored on some repops, or they may
require multiple repops to complete. Many of them have exploration
objectives involving objects or mobs that don't always load in sufficient
quantities (e.g., due to random chance). In some cases, exploration
objectives can only be completed at certain times of day, or after a full
reset of the zone.

   21  Dark Woods
   97  E'urdin Zilartzen
  104  Wytherwind
  106  The Tomb of Oblivion
  150  The Cliff of Berkovic
  179  The Spire of Kirys Ayr
  194  The Mellorian Citadel
  427  The Village of Gnomenel
  472  The Palace Celestia
  481  The Hamlet of Egriel
  511  The Gloumewood Farm
  562  The Fandi Isle