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The Kah are a race of snake people who live in the ocean. There will be
many types, good and bad, along with wars between them. The Emerald Kah
are a player-helping ship mobfaction.

These massive snake people are twenty feet long and as thick as a man's
chest. They hold their heads high and are very alert. Their heads are
a mix between a man, a snake, and a dolphin, but their most human aspect
are their four arms and hands. The gods admire their grace and strength
as well as their courage and beauty. The Emerald Kah's colorings are of
all shades of green in fractal patterns that show off the Fae magic that
saturates their body. The Fae magic on the Emerald Kah looks different
than other beasts of the ocean.

The DM will create these Emerald Kah for no reason, and also send them
when it feels you need help. They appear circling your ship. They will
circle your ship for a good 20 minutes but will not help unless you ask.

To ask for help, one player must be fighting something on the ship whilst
another player gets to the crow's nest and shouts HELP or any sentence
with the word help will work. The Emerald Kah will hear the alert, stop
circling the ship, and head to it. Once there they climb aboard and start
helping as best as they can. After a time and they find no further threat
they will jump off the ship and start circling again.

If they have enough kills on your ship they will not jump off to circle
your ship, they will jump off and ride the bow of the ship! They ride it
like dolphins would except they give massive speed increases. They start
doubling your speed and slowly lose power to a 20% increase.

If they jumped off and are circling or riding the bow and you need help
again, just do the same as before. Have someone fighting a mob and another
in the crow's nest shouting for help.

NOTE When a good (player-helping) mob kills a mob on your ship, you get
no FAE magic at all. Point here is you only ask for help when needed or
when you want the speed increase.

You can cast room spells and they will not attack any player-helping ship
mobfaction but they cannot cross shield rooms.