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DUB allows a player to add a personal "codeword" to a piece of equipment.
This codeword can be used in place of the object's name. For example,
if you have a carved staff and a carved wooden ring, wear carved might
make you try to wear your staff, which doesn't work so well. If you dub
your ring CW01 (for example), you could then type wear cw01 to wear the

DUB codewords must consist of 2 letters followed by 2 numbers.

Giving an item with a DUB codeword to another player will clear the

If an object has a DUB keyword, it'll show up to the right of the object's
names when identified. For the above example, you'd see:

Object: a carved wooden ring [ring carved wooden] - CW01

Syntax: dub (keyword) (dubbed codeword)
Example: dub ring cw01

See Also: LOCATE