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First read help "DRAGON LAIR"

Dragon points are points you get when fighting a dragon in a dragonlair
or a dragon that has been chased out of a dragonlair.

Dragon points are received for all damage done to the dragon. The number
of points you receive is a small percentage of the number of hit points of
damage you do to the dragon, via melee or spells. Dragon points are shared
equally among the formation, so those in the back row who may not get
melee hits in will get points too.

Read Help MLR to learn why you want dragon points.

Typing WHO DP will list all online heroes sorted by dragon points. The top
20% of these are considered DRAGONHUNTERS They get to fly twice as fast
as other players. They get DH next to their names so everyone will know
they are dragon hunters! Anyone who has more than 23,000 dragon points
will find that they det (deteriorate/lessen) by .25% per day.