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A Dragon Crystal is perhaps one of the most valued treasures in all of
Medievia. When a dragon crystal is offered at the fountain in the City of
Karlisna, a player is randomly rewarded anywhere up to 75 practice

Dragon crystals are not easy to find because they are so rare. They also
load invisible, which means a player must be using "DETECT INVISIBLE" from
either a spell or an item such as a potion. DCs, as they are called for
short, are randomly placed on mobs in zones or clantowns. The only places
they do not load are in the wilderness, the catacombs, and holosections
such as the dragon lairs or dens of thieves.

Players level 25 and lower can use the portal in Lumond's HAVEN for New
Adventurers to reach Karlisna directly. It's located in the Travel Agency
and is used by issuing the command ENTER MIRROR

Use the HAVEN command to return to Haven after turning in your
DC (players level 15 and below may also use RECALL

Higher level players must CALL a DRAGON and FLY to the City of Karlisna.

Once there, find the fountain and type:     offer

You may want to have the shout channel on when you do this. Any player
within shouting distance will see that you turned in a dragon crystal.

There is a limit of 225 practices, so if there is a chance you could go
over that limit, the dragon will not accept your DC You'll have to save
it up for when you've used up some of your practices.

Note: You may also donate to receive dragon crystals, and new players
receive them as a helping hand. See Help DONATION and Help NEWBIEGIFTS