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For help on DONATIONS and ITEMS from donations type: help donations.

Syntax:  donate <item name>

This command sends the specified item to a donation room in one of the
cities around the region. The exact location is determined by the last
town you visited. Once an item has been donated, its IDENTIFY screen will
show the LOCK flag. This means it cannot be auctioned or sold in a shop.
Please do not donate useless items, such as wands with no charges, poisoned
food, no-stat equipment, or things of this nature. Also do not spam the
donation rooms with hoards of like items, such as fifty pieces of food. As
the donation room fills up, the oldest items will be removed, so if you spam
donation, useful things may be lost.

In the donation room, you can use the id-a-tron machine to identify items
for you. Simply type PULL <item>.