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The Dungeon Master DM is at its core simply what determines when or why
to make mobfactions. The Dungeon Master tracks every party's adventures
within the wilderness or upon the sea in the areas of sadness, happiness,
pride, and fear. The DM attempts to understand how the party is feeling by
watching everything that happens. A FORMATION of players, a SHIP and a
CLANTOWN are all examples of a party.

The DM attempts to balance happiness vs. sadness, pride vs. fear, and many
other emotional connections. If you are sad it sends help. If you are too
proud it makes life harder. If you are not afraid something is wrong. If
you are not happy you must be bored, so it takes care of that as well.

Each sector of the world map of 100 rooms X 100 rooms is also tracked in
this way. Each campaign that battles mobfactions has its emotional state
tracked. All of this information is used by the master DM to make sure
everyone is having a good adventure. The DM knows how you are doing, how
local people or ships are doing, how the local area as a whole is doing,
and finally how the mobfactions themselves are feeling. When you play
Medievia in the wilderness or on the open seas, the DM is watching!

While other games are scripted and predictable, here at Medievia we have
gone the extra step. Medievia knows how your adventure is doing and
adjusts the world around you accordingly. The end result is that
adventures are more fun. When table top role players get together with
their character cards and dice and role play, one of them is picked to be
the DM This person does not partake in the adventure, he leads it. He
decides what happens, when, and why. He does this real time and adjusts
the adventure as he goes so that everyone has a good time. The adventure
should not be too hard, or too easy. The adventure should not be paced too
fast or too slow. The adventure should feature some fear, some
accomplishments, some difficulty, and some surprises. The DM here at
Medievia is many thousands of lines of code that took four years to
develop to do all of this, for everyone at once. It is one of Medievia's
best accomplishments in the gaming world.