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The e-mail address to write to if you want to dispute a disciplinary action
is This directs your letter to Vryce and Ozymandias
(the gods who can deal with your issue). Please do not send letters to just
Vryce, as he does not have time to deal with every letter he receives and
you will have a better chance of being answered this way. Be sure to read
below because you can get your character frozen or purged if you do not
follow those guidelines.

MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW: If a god contacts you and disciplines you
with a freeze or some other punishment that you e-mail the above 148 level
gods with; you must explain the whole thing. If you e-mail and LIE or
do not tell THE WHOLE STORY You will either be frozen for 30 days or
purged. These three gods get a lot of e-mail from people who break rules
and then claim the god did not treat them well or fairly. They then take
a look at the logs and decide if this player is telling the truth. If the
player is not, more discipline will be employed for wasting the 148 gods'
valuable time. It takes time to check logs. Medievia takes god abuse very
seriously so every e-mail received is followed up on by the highest levels
of management. Just BE WARNED that 99% of the time it is the player that
gets disciplined from these e-mails and not the gods. Logs do not lie. YOU

When a god contacts you about a problem with you breaking rules, you must
act in a respectful manner. Medievia is run, for free, by these gods who
do this in their spare time for the good of the game. They will not put up
with ANY attitude. These gods do not get paid for working with the game.
They do not do this for free to listen to your crap. If you give them any
attitude, you will be frozen for three days. If you bring it to the attention
of Vryce and Ozymandias, you can expect this to be much worse. You do not want
these gods to have to waste time dealing with you because they are very
predictable and very strict.

In the case of freezes, the god should very quickly, one time only,
explain to you what rule you broke. Many rule violations will result in
you being frozen for three days regardless of what the god thinks. The
gods know they must follow Vryce's rules, especially when it comes to
swearing and multi-playing. We simply do not allow that at all. There are
no excuses for swearing.

Treat gods with respect. You will notice that the god treats you with
respect no matter how disrespectful you are.

If you still feel you have a valid complaint, send your e-mail to:

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