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Dinosaurs are MOBFACTIONS that load only on ISLANDS See Help ISLANDS

Three things you must know about islands to fight dinosaurs:

1) Islands are owned by towns. See Help ISLANDS to learn how towns gain
2) When you die on an island, there is no wait time and no altar needed.
   See Help ISLANDS to learn what to do when you die.
3) Use the ISLAND command to see the current ownership breakdown.

There are two types of dinosaurs, plant-eating and meat-eating.

Plant-eating dinosaurs are passive. The larger ones will appear on your
map as green Ds. If two plant-eating dinosaurs are fighting in a room,
they start a stampede and run off. Stampedes are dangerous if one comes
your way, as you can get run over.

Meat-eating dinosaurs are aggressive toward everything. The larger ones
will appear on your map as magenta Ds. Meat-eating dinosaurs use the wind
to pick up the scent of prey, which may be you! They love to eat plant-
eating dinosaurs and players.

Dinosaurs range in level from 1 to 40, from tiny to colossal. The larger
ones hit pretty hard. Some dinosaurs have armored shells. Some have
spiked tails. Many breathe fire and will set you and the area on fire.
All non-fire-breathing dinosaurs will run from a wilderness fire. Some
dinosaurs spit blinding poison in your eyes. Some bite with poison effects.
Larger dinosaurs break room shields and trample areas.

'c create water' many times will douse the fire off of your body.
'c sense movement' is a good spell to know for islands for many reasons.
'c wizard eye' is good to know. Note that 'c w e meat' and 'c w e plant'
works, as it does for all mobfactions if you wish to specify.

Master Heroes and Serpent Hunters are adept at jumping out of the way of
stampedes and many of the dinosaurs' fighting methods.

Most islands have 2-3 plant-eating mobfactions and 2-3 meat-eating
mobfactions running at a time. When one is killed players get some gold
and HEROPOINTS You will never know how to kill off any specific
mobfaction as you will not know which dinosaur is in which mobfaction. The
best plan is not to just kill small ones or large ones: kill them all!