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This quest takes place in the ancient pagoda of the quest zone. This is a
free-for-all quest lasting 45 minutes, and the player with the most honor
wins. Once you enroll in the quest, choose your clan, then enter the fray.
Each clan has its own benefits. This is not a team quest, so you are free
to slaughter anyone, even players from your chosen clan. The command to
choose a clan is:

tell QuestGod kahurangi         (honorable)
tell QuestGod hauora            (vigorous)
tell QuestGod mahi atua         (magical)

Around the Pagoda you may find treasure and artifacts. If you return them
to the QuestGod, you will be rewarded. Any equipment you find is for your
use while in the quest.

You may also be given spells to use while in the Pagoda. Once you have a
spell, you will be told how to use it. Currently you may only gain each
spell once and use it once. Use them wisely. The syntax for each spell is:

tell QuestGod inferno <Target> - Calls down a fiery inferno upon your enemy
tell QuestGod plague <Target>  - Attempts to disease your enemy
tell QuestGod summon <Target>  - Brings your enemy to you
tell QuestGod smite <Target>   - Calls forth the Dark God to smite your enemy
tell QuestGod lag <Target>     - Freezes your enemy
tell QuestGod REIGN            - Rains down fiery destruction on all your enemies

Yes, we are aware that REIGN and RAIN are not the same word. Oh, well.

The other tell commands in the quest are:

tell QuestGod honor/honour     - tells you how many honor points you have
tell QuestGod time             - shows you the time remaining
tell QuestGod spells           - shows what spells you have left to cast

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