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Commands for Building Rooms:

 - Creating a room: ct m <direction>
     Example: ct m u    makes a room up from where you are standing

 - Linking a room: ct l <direction> <room number>
     Example: ct l n 30112    will link the room you are in to room 30112
     to the north. Be extremely careful when linking a room. You cannot
     unlink a room, but a god can. Pray and ask for a Zone Editor or a
     building mentor to help you. Tell them you need them to use the
     DELETEEXIT or DELETEBOTH command. :)

 - Editing a room:

     Room name: ct n   will send you into the editor. Do NOT justify this.

     Room description: ct d   will send you into the editor. Always
                       justify when finished editing.

     Room Parameters: ct p   this will allow you to make the room
                      indoors/outdoors or dark (meaning you need a

     Room Type: ct t  will send you into a toggle screen. Be VERY careful
                      with this command. If you want a no-mob room,
                      toggle the OTHER-no mobs switch but make SURE you do
                      not edit a mob in this type room. The code allows
                      it, but if you did not want a mob there, the code
                      does not allow us to delete a mob. You are then
                      stuck with a mob in that room type, possibly
                      confusing later builders.

 - To check for the room number and other information: ct ?
   This shows Approval status, Room Type, Indoor/Outdoor, Dark Setting,
   and the Room Number.

Special Notes on Rooms:
 - Clanhalls: These room types should not be touched. This includes
              Clanhall and Clanhall Aux. Only clan gods and Zone Editors
              are able to set or change these types. Builders are unable
              to edit these rooms. If you would like a change in the room
              description, please contact

 - Clanshops: Clanshops will not function until the game restarts.
              Once clanshops are set, you may not be able to change the
              room type. If you need to move the clanshop to a different
              location, you can, but be careful when linking them.

For Room Building rules, see Help CTROOM_RULES