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When the name, description and type are set, the room automatically goes
on a list of rooms waiting for a Zone Editor's approval. Zone Editors will
approve rooms when they have time.

When Zone Editors deny, they will be putting the errors or suggestions
into TYPO which means you use the command TFIX to look at them. See the
help file on how to use this command. Make sure that you mark the error
FIXED when you fix it. If you do not understand what the person meant by
it, contact that god. If you see "sug" on TFIX, that means it's a
suggestion to make the room or mob description better. This should be
considered a *strong* recommendation. If you don't follow it, you have to
explain why by leaving a note for the Zone Editor with the TYPO command.

Watch all rooms for any comma, spelling, or grammar mistakes in room and
mob names and descriptions. See Help CTROOM_RULES for more information
regarding what should and should not be done in rooms.

Below are some of the common reasons for room denials.

 1. Using a mob action. These are having mobs "doing" something in a room
    description. For example, "Servants carry water up these stairs." or
    "Servants are carrying water up these stairs." is wrong. Something
    acceptable would be "Servants are used to carry water up these
    stairs."-Mobs in the description are ok IF it is used in a passive
    form like in this example.
 2. Comma/grammar/spelling errors. USE the spellchecker.
 3. Marking a typo fixed that has not been fixed. If you typo this, e-mail
    the FULL typo, including number and room number to We can be lenient with this if we know about it.
 4. Cursing, bashing, or mentioning real existing players or mobs.
 5. Using real-life places, people, etc.
 6. Using zones or mobs from other zones in the room description. The
    only exception are the City of Medievia and Trellor. The reasoning
    behind this is that we have no way of knowing where all the references
    to a zone are, should that zone be renamed or revamped in the future.
 7. Having a room with too short a description. Rooms must have at LEAST
    three *full* lines. 4 is better than 3. 5 is better than 4. Your room
    will also be denied if you get to three lines using repeated words and
    stupid filler instead of actual descriptive writing.
 8. Having rooms of the exact same description/room copies. Add something
    different into it like a rock, signpost or anything. They can be
    SIMILAR or very very close, just not the same.
 9. Describing in a mob description, the mob's job, but not
    appearance. Make sure you describe something like the clothing, or
    hair, or even eyes.
10. Not having a keyword (mob name) you can figure out from the mob's long

REMEMBER TO PROOFREAD. You will not fall into these errors if you
proofread! This is just a guide, a key if you will. These are things to be
very aware of, but are not all of them. If you read this carefully, you
will be fine. If you need to read it each time you edit, do so. If you
have any questions or problems, please feel free to e-mail us all at We understand that no one is perfect and that
English isn't everyone's first language.