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    ct r

This command will allow you to remove a room from a clantown providing you
have the privileges to build and edit the town. See the rules below for
the restrictions. If for some reason you made an error in room placement,
meaning you made it in the wrong direction, and there is no way you can
work around it, contact Selthios or a 144+ using pray or telepath.

1) You cannot delete a clanhall or clanhall aux room.
2) You cannot delete a room that presently has any objects, mobs or
   players in it.
3) You cannot delete a room which links it to another zone, such as the
4) You cannot delete a room that DOES something. This would include types:
   post office, bank, lockers, altar, etc. If you really need to delete a
   room that has that type, change the type of the room to something that
   you are able to delete and then delete it.
5) You cannot delete a room that will result in a part of the zone
   becoming unattached from the rest. This means that you would be making
   it so an area is unaccessible. If you see a message about a room being
   stranded, it means you'd be splitting the zone apart.

1) There is no cost to remove a room, but remember that a room costs the
   town quite a bit of money to build.
2) Make sure you have the permission of the town leader to remove any
   rooms. The gods may not be able to fix it and are not responsible for
   any rooms removed. Clantown leaders should make sure they trust the
   people building in their town.
3) If you accidentally delete the wrong room, you must contact a level
   144+ before a reset/crash if you wish to save it. Make sure you know
   the number of the zone and of the room you deleted. Knowing the room
   name also helps. Make sure you also know the room you need it connected
   to again and the direction the accidentally deleted room will go from
   that room.
4) Any questions or comments, please e-mail