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Please see the help file: CTB_INDEX for the complete list of clantown
building files. This file specifically deals with the CT command, not the
rules for building or other clantown issues.

The CT command allows players with the clantown edit privilege set to
edit, expand or remove aspects of the clantowns. Type CT for a brief
list of the commands.

Costs for Building Rooms:
 - When you make a room, your clan is charged 10,000,000 gold.
 - When you edit a room's name or description when the room has already
   been approved, your clan is charged 100,000 gold. We do this to keep the
   approval needs down.
 - Your clan is charged a daily tax on the number of rooms you have.

When creating a clantown room, there are five areas of each room that must
be addressed.

1 - The room Name
2 - The room Description
3 - The room Type
4 - The room Indoor/Outdoor selection
5 - The room Dark setting

To Make a Room:

  ct m n  - will make a room north. When the rooms are made, the name
               and description are set to "Under Construction", their type
               set to NONE and their indoor/outdoor and dark settings are
               the same as the room you were in when you made this room.

Once the room is made, you must edit the name, description and select a
room type before the code will allow you to make another room. When the
name, description and type are set, the room automatically goes on a list
of rooms waiting for a god's approval. If you are not ready to have the
room approved, please see the rules in CTB_DENY for instructions on how to
avoid having the room denied.

Note that room types do not have to match the room description. These are
used to denote which mob will load there. The exception to this is that
the special rooms (post office, bank, clanshops, altar, lockers, hotel,
etc) should match the room type. This is because each of these rooms does
something in particular. Rooms like dungeon and street can actually have a
garden description if you so wish. The one thing to remember is that for
each room type you have, you can create a specific mob and it will be
constant throughout each room of that same type.

There are a few rules that the code will enforce. For instance you can
only have banks, post offices and locker type rooms at a 1 per 20 rate. So
if you have 40 rooms you could have 2 of each of these room types.

For more information about writing rooms, and the rules that need to be
followed, please read HELP CTB_ROOM and CTROOM_RULES

Mob Creation:

Mobs are created per room type. This means, that every room of a
particular type will have the same mob in it. For example, if you create a
mob in your clanhall, that same mob will load in EVERY clanhall in that

You must edit 7 things on each mob:

1) The name (list of keywords all on one line)
2) The short description  (what is seen when in combat with the mob)
3) The long description (what is seen when in the same room with the mob)
   This must be a complete sentence! If you don't know what that means, ASK
4) The description (what is seen when you look at the mob)
5) The class
6) The sex
7) The amount of mobs that load per that room type. Warning: If you have 5
   mobs load in this room type, you will end up with quite a few mobs. The
   experience for each mob will decrease if there is more than one loaded
   per room.

For more information about writing mobs, and the rules that need to be
followed, please read HELP CTB_MOB and CTMOB_RULES

The level and statistics of the mobs depend on the code. Each week, the
code decides on levels for each of the clantowns. See Help SHOWTOWN for
more information.