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If you're killed in CPK there's a chance that you will lose all or part of a
level. Whether you lose anything is a percent chance determined when you die
based upon the zone that you're in. Whenever you enter CPK the prompt that
you acknowledge will tell you the % chance of losing a level if you're CPK'd,
as well as the maximum number of items that can be stolen from you if you
die in that zone.

How much you lose if you lose anything is based upon the loot limit of the
zone. If the loot limit is higher than 10 (including unlimited), you lose a
complete level. If it's less than 10, you lose (loot limit * 10) / 100 of
a level. For example, if the zone is loot limit 8, you lose 80%.

Loss is applied to experience, egging points, trading points, and autoquest