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CPK Duel is a room in MedLink that gives entrance to a special CPK arena
zone (Zone 30, Upheermi Keep). This zone is entirely CPK and is used
only for these duels. It has no mobs or objects or equipment. Two people
can challenge each other to a CPK duel at any time from the CPK Duel room.
To challenge someone, type "challenge <player> <loot limit>" where <loot
limit> is the number of loots you and your opponent have agreed on. You must
both be in the CPK Duel room at the time. The duel will last for 30 minutes.
It only ends when one of you corpses or the timer runs out.

Please note that this is real CPK The winner can loot the loser; the
victim can lose a level; unlockerable bonded objects will disappear if
you die. You will lose a level if you are a multi at current level 25+ or a
reclassed hero at current level 20+. Other victims will lose half the XP
gained to their next level, and all their gold on hand. You can be attacked
or looted while lost link. It's just like being CPKed in a zone, with the
following differences.

- You may enter MedLink or the CPK Duel area formed, or form after
  entering MedLink. Being formed does not affect the legality of the CPK
  as it would in a regular zone.
- You may CPK and loot clannies and townies in CPK Duel.
- Heroes may CPK and loot singles in CPK Duel without penalty, regardless
  of whether the single has lost immunity.
- There is no XP awarded for kills in CPK Duel.

The same warnings apply to CPK Duel that apply in any other CPK area. It
is **your responsibility** to read these warnings. You type "yes" to
accept the challenge of the duel, and you type "yes" to get into CPK By
doing that, you accept the risks.

People can lie to you or trick you, then loot you. They can say "no
looting"-or "no wands"-and then break that promise. You take the risk of
being lied to whenever you enter CPK If you allow yourself to be tricked,
or enter CPK without having read the help files listed below, you have no
one to blame but yourself if you lose equipment or a level.

HOWEVER: Players who repeatedly trick newbies into CPK Duel, who tell them
just what to type (like "type w;y;rest"), who tell them the warnings do
not apply, who tell them that because they are formed they can't CPK or
loot, or otherwise repeatedly prey on newbies, CAN and WILL be purged for
violating rule 7a ("Don't be an idiot"). Read rule 3n. You are expected to
follow the spirit of the rules.

Remember that intentionally letting someone CPK you for the experience, or
for any other prearranged reason, obviously including multiplaying and
CPKing yourself, is illegal. This is a purgeable offense, as in ALL
involved characters will be purged. Don't try it.

Again, it is STRONGLY recommended that you read the following help files
before agreeing to a CPK Duel.