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There are a few players who like to correct other player's grammar and
spelling on public channels.

Please do not do this. You may be gagged if you correct people over a
public channel.

We can understand that many people feel that using correct grammar is a
sign of intelligence. We feel the same way and proof readers go over every
room and description in the game to make sure they are correct. Just ask
any zone builder and they will confirm that we strive for 100% perfect

There are reasons not do correct people on public channels:

1) Correcting people in front of hundreds of other people comes off wrong.
Many people will feel that you are showing your arrogance and your
elitism. The reason for that is #2 below, they see chat differently than
you see chat. If you do feel that you must 'improve' someone by explaining
their grammatical error, then mudmail them or link and talk to them, just
do not do it over public channels. If you do mudmail them do not be
surprised if you get a rude reply like: "Don't get your panties in a twist
man, your was just 2 less keystrokes than you're. I didn't know I was in a

2) Most people see chat as a way to communicate as fast as possible while
doing 18 other things. This is why there are so many odd abbreviations for
so many Medievia things that are mind numbingly difficult for newbies to
learn. Most people prefer forms of text chat to be such that all you try
to do is make sure readers understand what you meant. That is all that is
wanted, anything more is wasted time typing in more keystrokes, or wasted
time building perfect sentence structure.

3) Who wants to be corrected in front of hundreds of people? The
'correction police' players make people afraid to use the public channels.

4) Many people play Medievia because English is their second or third
language and this helps them learn. You may think being corrected would
help them, and it would, but not when they can barely make a single
perfect sentence. It just makes them afraid to speak on the public

5) We all know why you want to correct people. Most people would not
believe it is because you actually want to help them improve. It is
because you want to feel superior. Why else correct them so that every
single other player hears it? You could say, "well everyone else hears it
so they will get the benefit as well!"-This kind of thinking now has you
correcting every new player we get. This is not good for the game. The
'correction police' players that were allowed to exist before this help
file would repeatedly correct the same people who asked them to stop, over
and over.

If you see someone correcting other peoples spelling or grammar over
public channels, please just ask them to read HELP CORRECTION POLICE.