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Below are some of the most common problems players run into when first
starting the game. If it is not listed here, please use the PRAY command
and ask the gods and avatars about it. (Type Help PRAY to see the help
file if you are unsure about how to use pray.)

Problem:   Communicating or talking with others.
Why:       Incorrect useage of the communication commands or channels.
Solution:  Read the help files: TALKINFO and COMMUNICATIONS
           TALKINFO gives examples on how to communicate.
           COMMUNICATIONS lists all the communication commands.

Problem:   Thou must be confused.
Why:       The command you typed was spelled incorrectly.
           The command you typed is unknown to the game.
Solutions: Try retyping the command.
           Try a different version of it. (Example: We use FORMATIONS here
               instead of GROUPING There is a help file called FORM that
               has the formation commands in it)

Problem:   Gryffe Olle Gnyffe Snop???
           Olle Grylle Bolle Bylle?!?
           Thou must find the Jade Monkey before the next full moon in
               order to cast that spell.
Why:       The spell was typed incorrectly.
Solutions: Retype the spell using the proper spelling.

Problem:   Nobody here by that name.
Why:       The command you used needs to have that person in the room.
           The person is not online.
           The person is invisible.
           The person is a god and has a reason for being invisible. In
               this instance, use PRAY to speak with the person. Use the
               PLAYERINFO command to make sure the person is level 32 or
               higher before you do or they won't see the message.
Solutions: Make sure you are in the same room with the person if the
               command you used requires it.
           Make sure you are using DETECT INVISIBILITY Potions (misty,
               yellow, etc.) or the spell can help with this.
           Make sure the person is online. Use the PLAYERINFO or LASTON
               commands to see if the person is online.