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    clantitle <member name> <title> - sets a title
    clantitle <member name>         - clears that member's title

This command allows the clan leader or coleader to set titles for anyone
in the clan. Titles should be chosen with care, and should be used in
such a way as to enhance the medieval flavor of our world. If this
ability is misused, a clan may lose the ability to grant titles, so please
use it wisely. It is recommended that clantitles reflect something about
the player's clan or their rank or standing in the clan.

A member's clantitle will show up next to his or her name when the clan is
viewed with SHOWCLAN <number>. The hyphen ("-") between the name and the
title is automatic, so don't put a hyphen as the first character of the
title thinking that's how to get it there.

Clantitles may be up to 30 characters long, including spaces and

Setting a member's clantitle removes gold from the clan account in the
amount of (current level * current level * 5000).

Help TITLERULES has all the rules for titles. These rules apply to both
custom titles (paid for by the player and set by a god) and clan titles
(paid for by the clan and set by a leader or coleader).