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There are two rankings, one for Order party clans, and one for Chaos party
clans. This clanranking equation will be set by the elected party leaders.

A clan's total rank is what is used to give hitpoint bonuses to all
players in the clan. This rank is re-calculated every 2 minutes or so.

Clans are ranked in Medievia using an equation that takes many things into

The elected leaders of both Chaos and Order set the clanranking equation
and decide how the following ranks are used to create the all important
OVERALL RANKING. Use the VOTE command to see the clanrank equation
settings as decided by your elected leaders.

The basics are:

Townland rating
     (points are for town owned via islands, busineses, etc )
Fae rating
     (points are Fae magic transferred to clan orb from ship)
Experience rating
     (points are all XP gained by clan members / 5000)
Equipment rating
     (points for looting items off mobs; some equipment is worth more
      than others, and most equipment is worth no points)
Trading rating
     (points are the amount you make when you sell freight / 5000)
Egg rating
     (points for the number of eggs turned in at the war room)
Clantown size
     (see below for explanation)
Towngame record
     (see below for explanation)
DM CPK rating
     (points gained by heroes defeating DM-run CPK campaigns)
     (points gained during CPK combat)

The ranking is only calculated for lists in which the clan is in the top
35. If your clan is ranked 35th in EQ and 36th in eggs, you get credit for
the EQ ranking, but 0 for the eggs.

Here is the breakdown for hitpoint bonuses (Shown in showclan #)
Rank  HitPoint Bonus
----  --------------
 1         70
 2         60
 3         50
 4         40
 5         35
 6         30
 7         25
 8         20
 9         15
10         10
11          9
12          8
13          7
and on down one less each rank.

The overall ranking number shown in SHOWCLAN R is a weighted average based
on each clan's scores in the six rankings areas listed above.

Clantown Size:
When ranking the clantown sizes, each clan gets the percentage of the town
that is paid for by their taxes. Thus, if clan A has a 100 room town, and
is sistered with clans B and C, and is charging B 500,000 in taxes, and
charging C 750,000:

The total cost per day of the town is 2,500,000.
Clan B is paying 500,000, so they get 20 rooms towards their rating.
Clan C is paying 750,000, so they get 30 rooms towards their rating.
Clan A gets the remaining 50 rooms.

Townland Rating:
Sister clans get 2/3rds of the total points that the leading clan gets.

Towngame Rating:
All the clans in the town get the same ranking consideration for their
town's performance in towngames. They get more points for winning, and
fewer for losing. They get more points for beating a town with a winning
record, and fewer for beating a town with a losing record. There is also
a small bonus to the points for the time the game took to play; longer
games are worth more points than shorter ones, but it is much more
efficient to win your games quickly than to draw them out. There is a cap
to this time bonus. The exact formula for how towngame points are
calculated is neither simple nor available to players, so please don't ask
for it.

It is important to remember that the clans in your town do NOT lose
ranking points for losing a towngame. Participation is key; you always get
some points for being in the towngame, even if you lose.