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This command allows clan leaders and co-leaders to set the relative ranks of
clan members. The maximum possible rank is 255, which is held by the leader.
The co-leader holds rank 254. All other ranks are available. The only rank
which may be held by more than one clan member is 0.

Clan rank translates into a noble title as follows:
    Rank        Title
    254-255     Prince or Princess
    250-253     Duke or Duchess
    242-249     Marquesse or Marquise (Marquesse is the old British
                equivalent of the French title 'Marquis.' 'Marquise' is
                the feminine form of the French title).
    230-241     Earl or Countess (the wife of an earl is called a countess)
    214-229     Viscount or Viscountess
    189-213     Baron or Baroness
    128-188     Knight (Sir or Lady)
      1-127     Squire
          0     None

    clanrank player number - sets rank
    clanrank - displays ranks of clan members in your clan
    clanrank player - sees particular clanrank info on a player